Regi has developed two studies within human resources to promote a healthy work environment and a foundation for personal growth for the employees at law firms. Both tools are developed specifically for corporate law firms.

  1. CORE Employee study
  2. CORE 360-analysis

The CORE Employee study provides insights about the work environment, the level of motivation, cooperation, and management issues, among other aspects. The study is flexible, and the law firm can include questions of their own. The objective is to understand the views of the employees, and subsequently make changes and improve key areas. The study increases the likelihood that important employees stay with the firm. The law firm will be viewed as a more attractive and sustainable employer, which is beneficial during recruitment.

CORE 360-analysis is used to develop the leadership skills of key employees and for the upper management of the law firm. By using 360-analysis career paths are unveiled, cooperation skills are improved, self-leadership is developed and the potential for key employees is properly utilized. The tool is developed in cooperation with the HR-specialist and consultant, Per Stålhem, who also provides 360-counseling and development of management and the board of firms.
In combination with the Client Satisfaction Index the development of the firm can be overseen both from the inside (employees) and from the outside (clients). Please contact Sara Kallin for more information.