Regi has more than 12 years of experience of client surveys in the market for corporate law, broad insights and knowledge that we share through seminars and workshops. Our knowledgable consultants with experience from working at law firms and consulting in business development will guide you in the process.

Ideal for conferences, kick-offs: Regi carry out 1-2 hours of interactive presentations. These include insights from the industry studies. A summary includes drivers of client satisfaction and loyalty the development from being a supplier to being a partner, digital transformation in the corporate law industry, the clients view on the future, among other things. We tailor the subject, depending on what is requested.

Business development, client strategies, digital challenges? Book a workshop for partners, management, or the board. The business development consultants at Regi will help you set up guidelines for future strategies/visions and will give you results by creating an action plan that can be implemented quickly.

Our popular seminars in follow-up and cross-selling gives insights into the work with clients that will repay the seminar already the next day, according to our customers. The seminar is focused on two main groups: junior associates and lawyers with client responsibilities and senior lawyers and partners. Contact Ylva Gnosse at for more information.