The Swedish analysis company Regi Research & Strategi is launching the Law Firm of the Year industry- and client study at a Nordic level starting with Finland.

For thirteen years, Regi has conducted Sweden’s largest industry and client study where customer satisfaction is measured among law firms specializing in business law.

This autumn’s survey included nearly 1000 assessments and 26 law firms were included and rated according to their level of customer satisfaction. The core measurement on a recurring basis is the “Client Satisfaction Index”, which consists of 13 criteria such as business value, level of digitization and project management. Prize is awarded to the agency with the highest average value.

Regi has an extensive experience of industry studies in the Nordic region

Regi has been operating in the Nordic countries since the start in 1997 with IR Nordic Markets (investor relations) and in the communications industry with Agency of the Year / Vuoden Toimisto.

  • Our ambition is to become Finland’s largest industry and client study in the Finnish business law market. The study will have approximately the same structure and content. In this way, we will be able to make interesting comparisons between the different markets. This is a great advantage for law firms with operations in both countries, and a big reason why we are now choosing to launch the Law Firm of the Year in Finland, says Robert Skölfman, CEO of Regi.

Event with award ceremony in the Law Firm of the Year is planned for January 2022

Regi plans both knowledge seminars and an award ceremony for Finnish law firms, in the same way as is in Sweden. This year’s event was a digital event. Hopefully, a gala will be held with a physical award ceremony in early 2022.

In addition to client satisfaction, image and future issues are measured

The study measures “client satisfaction”, but also the law firms’ image and current future issues.

– Effects of the pandemic dominated this year’s industry report. The pandemic has led to more assignments for business lawyers in areas such as employment law, various contract issues and insolvency. According to clients, both the number of bankruptcies and reconstructions are expected to increase, but also the number of transactions. The study shows that even though client collaborations have mainly taken place online, the law firms have continued to deliver world-class advisory. And that was also really needed. Surprisingly many clients have been able to quickly return to “business as usual” with their law firms, which is great, says Ylva Gnosse, Expert Consultant for the Law Firm of the Year at Regi.

About Regis Law Firm of the Year client study

The Law Firm of the Year is Sweden’s largest client study for law firms specializing in business law and is conducted annually by the analysis company Regi. This year, nearly 1000 buyers of business law services gave their views on the collaboration and questions about the future. The winners were announced at an oline event on 14 January 2021. Law Firm of the Year ® is a registered trademark in Sweden and Finland. Read more at

Regi is a consulting company that puts development in focus in selected industries. Based on deep insight from research, the studies contribute to quality assurance and business development of our customers in the market for business law.


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Carola Katter, Business Director, Law Firm of the Year, Finland

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